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Experience the thrill of watersports like never before with our high-quality, durable tow ropes specially designed for wakeboarding, tubing, and skiing!

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  1. MetroVac Vac N' Blo Hi Performance Hand Vac/Blower

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  2. MetroVac MagicAir® Deluxe - Notched Blower Nozzle

  3. MetroVac MagicAir® Deluxe - 3/16" O.D. Adapter

  4. Aqua Leisure Dyna Adult 5-Piece Dive Set - Adult Size M/L Men's 4.5-8.5/Ladies 5.5-9.5

    Special Price $61.29 Regular Price $99.99
  5. Aqua Leisure Ion Junior 5-Piece Dive Set - Ages 7+ Children's Size 9.5-13.5

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  6. FATSAC Check Valve and Adapter

    Special Price $54.95 Regular Price $58.39
  7. FATSAC 1-1/8" Barbed In-Line Check Valve w/O-Rings f/Auto Ballast System

    Special Price $66.18 Regular Price $74.99
  8. FATSAC Flow-Rite 3/4" Elbow Quick Connect Socket f/Auto Ballast System

    Special Price $5.12 Regular Price $5.29
  9. FATSAC Female GHT-Male Quick Connect w/O-Rings

    Special Price $11.39 Regular Price $12.99
  10. Whitecap Push Up Ski Tow Pylon - Vertical Mount

    Special Price $121.43 Regular Price $220.49
  11. Whitecap Ski Tow 2-1/2"

    Special Price $39.79 Regular Price $50.99
  12. PTM Edge Swivel Bungee Board Rack - Titanium Grey

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One of the most important accessories for watersports is the tow rope. This is the rope that connects the rider to the boat, allowing them to be pulled along at high speeds while they ride. There are different types of tow ropes available, including nylon, spectra, and dyneema ropes. Each has its own unique properties and is suited for specific types of water sports such as wakeboarding, waterskiing, and tubing. Nylon ropes are the most popular option for recreational use and are known for their durability and easy handling. Spectra and dyneema ropes are more expensive but are known for their strength and low stretch. Tow ropes are available in different sizes, lengths, and thicknesses, depending on the type of water sport. The length of the rope should be adjusted according to the skill level and preferences of the rider.


The handle is attached to the tow rope and is used by the rider to hold on to while being pulled behind the boat. Handles are made from different materials such as rubber, EVA foam, and neoprene. Rubber handles are known for their durability and are a popular choice for professional riders. EVA foam and neoprene handles are softer and provide better grip and comfort for the rider. Some handles come with a removable float, which can be used as a buoyancy aid in case the rider falls off the board.


Tubing ropes are the longest of the three, typically ranging from 60-75 feet in length. They are also the thinnest, with a diameter of around 5/16 inch. This is because tubing typically requires slower speeds than skiing or wakeboarding, and the rider is less likely to generate the force needed to stretch a thicker rope. The thinner rope also allows the rider to be pulled at a greater distance from the boat, increasing safety.

Skiing ropes, on the other hand, are shorter and thicker than tubing ropes, typically ranging from 50-65 feet in length and with a diameter of around 3/8 inch. This is because skiing typically requires higher speeds and generates more force, which requires a thicker rope to withstand the tension. Skiing ropes also have less stretch than tubing ropes, which allows for more precise control and stability.

Wakeboarding ropes are generally shorter than skiing ropes, typically ranging from 40-65 feet in length, and with a diameter of around 3/8 inch. The shorter length allows the rider to be closer to the boat for more control and maneuverability. They are also thicker and stronger than tubing ropes to withstand the high speeds and forces generated by the rider while performing tricks.


A tow harness is a device that attaches to a boat and is used to tow water sports equipment such as water skis, wakeboards, and tubes. It is designed to provide a more secure and stable connection between the boat and the rider, which allows for more control and safety while being pulled at high speeds. It is important to use the right harness for the specific activity you plan to do and check it regularly for signs of wear and tear.

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