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Experience ultimate comfort and luxury while out on the water with our top-of-the-line boat seating options.

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  1. SeaDek Coaming Bolsters

    As low as $104.99
  2. TACO 13-1/8" x 36" Electric Seat Slide

  3. TACO 13-1/8" x 24" Electric Seat Slide

  4. TACO 13-1/8" x 10" Electric Seat Slide

  5. TACO 11-1/8" x 36" Manual Seat Slide

  6. TACO 13" x 24" Manual Seat Slide

  7. TACO 11-1/8" x 24" Manual Seat Slide

  8. Springfield 2-7/8" Bushing f/Seat Mount Swivel

    Special Price $14.95 Regular Price $15.99
  9. Springfield Spring-Lock™ 9" Round Base Satin

    Special Price $38.95 Regular Price $43.99
  10. Springfield KingPin™ 7" x 7" Stainless Steel Square Base (Threaded)

    Special Price $46.95 Regular Price $53.99
  11. Springfield Skipper Standard Seat Fold Down - Black/Charcoal

    Special Price $83.95 Regular Price $151.57
  12. Springfield Post 2-3/8" Plug-In

    Special Price $35.95 Regular Price $41.99

Items 1-12 of 98

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Types of Boat Seating

Deciding what kind of boat seating you want can be overwhelming with so many boat seats out there. Some people may prefer a pedestal seat, while others may prefer something more comfortable such as a leaning post. Anything Boating is here to provide you with high-quality boat seats no matter what you prefer - helm seating, pedestal seats, leaning posts, and more!

Leaning Posts

Are you looking for a more comfortable form of boat seating? A leaning post may be just right for you! Adding a high-quality, durable leaning post to your boat seating gives you the choice to drive the boat from a sitting or standing position. Leaning posts also allow you to slip in and out quickly, so that you can be anywhere on your boat in just a couple seconds! To guarantee your safety, Anything Boating recommends that you choose a durable leaning post that is high-quality. If you think a leaning post is the right choice for your boat, look no further - we offer reasonably priced and high-quality leaning posts for you to enhance your boat seating.

Helm Seating

When deciding what type of helm seating you want for your boat, there are three main things to take into consideration - style, size, and comfort are all important when choosing your boat seating. You want to ensure that the boat seats you choose are the right size, the right style for your boat, and have the comfort that you need to be able to enjoy yourself out on the water. Whether you decide on a leaning post style or more of a pedestal style boat seat, Anything Boating is here to help ensure you make the right choice for you and your boat!

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