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Upgrade your boating experience with our top-of-the-line cabin and galley accessories, designed to enhance your comfort and convenience on the water.

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  1. SeaDek Embossed 4-Piece Step Kit

    As low as $31.99
  2. SeaDek Dual Density Helm Pad

    As low as $162.99
  3. SeaDek Mako Logo Helm Pad - White/Storm Grey Embossed

  4. SeaDek Small Helm Pad - Seafoam Green/Storm Grey

  5. SeaDek Small Helm Pad - Cool Grey/Storm Grey

  6. SeaDek Small Helm Pad - Caribbean Blue/Storm Grey

  7. SeaDek Large Helm Pad - Seafoam Green/Storm Grey

  8. SeaDek Large Helm Pad - Cool Grey/Storm Grey

  9. SeaDek Large Helm Pad - Caribbean Blue/Storm Grey

  10. SeaDek Large Sheet - 40" x 80" - Mocha Embossed

  11. SeaDek Boston Whaler Helm Pad - Mocha/Black Brushed w/Routed Teak Lines

  12. SeaDek Large Realtree Helm Pad - Bahama Blue/White WAV3 Pattern


Items 1-12 of 281

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A boat’s galley and cabin tend to get overlooked when boat owners are shopping for boat gear and accessories. To experience style, comfort, and functionality you can outfit your boat’s cabin and galley with a variety of helpful accessories. These accessories can include, but aren’t limited to, kitchen supplies, food storage, cooking accessories, tables, and hardware. It is important to remember that a boat’s electrical components are not the same as your home’s, and you cannot run high voltage appliances on your boat. This is why you should have unique galley and cabin accessories rather than bringing along the ones from your home. Having separate sets also prevents breakage while transporting these items.

Kitchen Supplies

Whether you are just planning on cooking lunch onboard, or are on a long trip and will be cooking onboard for a while, it is a good idea to have some basic kitchen supplies ready for whatever situation arises. Some options are:

  • Nesting cookware (pots and pans)
  • Baking stone
  • Knife set
  • Silverware
  • Dishes
  • Stovetop griddle pan
  • Flexible cutting boards
  • Kettle (can be used for tea, coffee, bathing, dish washing, soup, etc.)
  • Baking mats
  • Cooking utensils
  • Mixing bowls
  • Silicone pot holders
  • Dish rags
  • Paper towels
  • Water filter
  • Food storage containers
  • Insulated tumblers (great because they have lids and are insulated to keep things warm/cold)
  • Chip clips

You can choose to get whatever you normally cook with to add to your boat’s galley! It is recommended to choose space-saving galley accessories since space is always at a premium and lean towards silicone and grip-friendly materials to prevent spills and breaks since the boat is always moving at least a little bit!

Storage Solutions

When on a boat it is important to have a spot for everything, especially in your cabin and galley. We recommend adding some waterproof cases and cabin organizers to keep everything onboard organized and ensure the stuff that needs to stay dry does. Another good storage solution for boats is clear plastic bins which allow you to see the bin’s contents at a glance. If you choose to utilize these, make sure you get sturdy durable bins with lids.

Food Storage

Some galleys may have a refrigerator and others do not. While built-in refrigeration is the best option for long journeys, a quality cooler can do the trick for keeping your food fresh on shorter trips.. We recommend keeping your food in airtight clear storage containers (even if you’re storing it inside a refrigerator) to ensure you know what's what, keep the food fresh, and keep the bugs out of it.

Cooking Accessories

Some boats may have space for actual appliances like a propane range, a cooktop, or refrigerator/freezer. If your boat has these, your opportunities to cook onboard seem endless! However, even if your boat doesn’t have space for these luxury items, you can still have smaller appliances that you can cook with onboard! Some common options are:

  • Boat grill
  • Portable countertop burner
  • Small single-burner propane or alcohol stove
  • Hand-powered food chopper
  • Cordless blender
  • Non-electric thermal cooker
  • Solar oven
  • Heavy duty cooler
  • Ice maker

Cabin Tables

If you are planning on cooking onboard, you will want a table whether that be for extra preparation space, to eat on, play games after dinner, or all of the above. There are a variety of tables that you can choose from - different sizes, materials, colors, and styles. Some tables serve multiple functions such as having storage compartments or drink holders. If you are on a smaller vessel, we recommend a folding table so that you can easily put it away when you are not using it. Teak wood is a popular table material since it won’t mold, crack, or absorb odors.

Cabin & Galley Hardware

While it is great to outfit your boat’s cabin and galley how you want it, it is important to keep the hardware in good condition. Hardware can include hatches, doors, hinges, latches, pulls, lighting, and more. Over the years the hardware can get damaged or corroded, and it can become a safety hazard if not properly maintained. When shopping for cabin and galley hardware or hardware replacements it is important to look for durable equipment that can withstand the water and humidity that are found in marine environments.. Choosing premium hardware doesn’t have to break the bank, and can improve the looks and safety of your cabin and galley tremendously.

It is important to be happy with your space, even on your boat. Outfitting your boat’s cabin and galley is a great way to make your boat more functional and feel more like your home away from home.

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