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Upgrade your boat's electrical control system with our high-quality marine switches and panels, designed for durability and reliability in marine environments.

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  1. Blue Sea 8666 Contura 4 Bilge Pump Control Panel

    Special Price $155.98 Regular Price $181.89
  2. Blue Sea 8665 Contura 3 Bilge Pump Control Panel

    Special Price $125.29 Regular Price $141.06
  3. Blue Sea 8664 Contura 2 Bilge Pump Control Panel

    Special Price $86.66 Regular Price $96.29
  4. Paneltronics Circuit Breaker Boot - 3/8" - Round - Clear

  5. Cole Hersee Metal Body Battery Disconnect Switch SPST - 6-12V

    Special Price $51.29 Regular Price $56.99
  6. Cole Hersee SR-Series Flange Mount - 300A Battery Switch

  7. Cole Hersee Marine Cut-Off Switch & Lanyard

  8. Blue Sea 4141 Switch Meter Toggle SPTT On-On-On

  9. Cole Hersee Heavy Duty Toggle Switch DPST On-Off 4-Screw

  10. Sea-Dog Dual Volt/Amp Meter Rocker Style Switch

    Special Price $40.21 Regular Price $48.95
  11. Sea-Dog LED Touch Dimmer Switch f/Aurora Pop-Up Table Lamp

  12. Sea-Dog 7 Key Kill Switch Universal Lanyard


Items 1-12 of 726

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Marine switches and panels are essential components of a boat's electrical system, providing a centralized location for controlling and monitoring various electrical circuits on board. They can include a variety of switches, buttons, gauges, and displays that allow boaters to turn on and off different devices, such as lights, pumps, and electronics, as well as monitor the status of the battery, engine, and other systems.


Marine switches and panels come in many different shapes, sizes, and configurations, to suit a wide range of applications and preferences. Some popular types include:

Toggle switches: These are classic on/off switches that are easy to operate and available in many different colors, shapes, and sizes.

Rocker switches: These switches have a flat surface that rocks back and forth to turn the circuit on and off, and are often backlit for easy visibility at night.

Push-button switches: These switches require a brief push to activate, and are often used for devices that only need to be turned on briefly, such as horns or bilge pumps.

Breaker panels: These are larger panels that combine multiple switches and circuit breakers into one unit, making it easier to manage all the electrical systems on board.

Digital panels: These panels often feature LCD displays that show the status of multiple systems at once, including battery voltage, engine RPM, fuel level, and more.


When choosing marine switches and panels, there are several factors to consider, including:

  • Durability: Since boats are exposed to harsh marine environments, it's important to choose switches and panels that can withstand exposure to saltwater, UV radiation, and other elements.
  • Amperage: Different electrical devices require different amounts of current, or amperage, to operate, so it's important to choose switches and panels that are rated to handle the amperage of the devices they control.
  • Compatibility: Some switches and panels are designed for specific types of boats or electrical systems, so it's important to choose products that are compatible with your boat's make and model, as well as your electrical needs.
  • Aesthetics: Switches and panels come in many different styles and colors, so consider how they will look on your boat and how they will fit into your overall design.
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