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Easily and securely mount your favorite boat accessories with our versatile and durable boat mounting systems.

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  1. Seaview 23.75" Pre-Drilled Dual Mount f/Open Array Radars Up to 4.5' - Black - Top Plate Required

  2. Seaview 13.25" Pre-Drilled Dual Mount f/Most Closed Dome Radars - Black - Top Plate Required

  3. Seaview Starlink Adapter Plate f/24" KVH Domes w/Starlink Stainless Steel 1"-14 Threaded Adapter & Stainless Steel Fixed Base

    Special Price $265.00 Regular Price $300.00
  4. Seaview Starlink Modular Top Plate w/Starlink Stainless Steel 1"-14 Threaded Adapter & Stainless Steel Base

  5. Scanstrut APT-250-02 - Aluminum PowerTower® Radar Mount - 10" Aft Leaning

    Special Price $260.88 Regular Price $446.00
  6. Scanstrut APT-LB-L1 PowerTower® Central Light Bar w/Integrated 360° White LED Light

    Special Price $168.60 Regular Price $289.00
  7. Seaview 12" AFT Leaning Mount f/Searchlights & Thermal Cameras w/7" x 7" Base Plate

  8. Seaview 5.25" AFT Leaning Mount f/Searchlights & Thermal Cameras w/7" x 7" Base Plate

  9. Seaview 6.38" Vertical Searchlight & Thermal Camera Mount w/8" Round Base Plate

  10. Seaview Modular Plate to Fit Searchlights & Thermal Cameras on Seaview Mounts Ending in M1 or M2

  11. Seaview Quick Release Removable Base f/10"x10" Seaview Base - Black

  12. Seaview Quick Release Removable Base f/7"x7" Seaview Base - Black


Items 1-12 of 938

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Boat mounting systems are devices used to secure accessories such as electronics to a boat. They are an important part of boating safety and convenience, as they allow boaters to securely and easily store and access their gear while out on the water.


When choosing a boat mounting system, consider the following factors:

Purpose: What type of accessory are you looking to mount? Make sure the mount is compatible with the accessory you want to use it for.

Location: Where on the boat do you want to mount the accessory? Make sure the mount is suitable for the location you have in mind.

Material: What is the mount made of? Some mounts are made of plastic or aluminum, while others are made of more durable materials such as stainless steel. Consider the type of boat and the conditions it will be used in when choosing a mount material.

Compatibility: Is the mount compatible with your boat? Make sure the mount will fit and function properly on your boat.

Durability: How long will the mount last and what care is required to keep it working properly? Consider the manufacturer's warranty, maintenance guides, and product reviews when choosing a mount.


There are several benefits of using boat mounting systems for securing accessories on a boat:

  1. Safety: By securely mounting accessories such as electronics, fishing gear, and navigational equipment, boat owners can reduce the risk of these items becoming loose or falling overboard, which can be dangerous for passengers and the boat itself.
  2. Convenience: Boat mounting systems provide a convenient and accessible way to store and use accessories while on the water, making boating activities more efficient and enjoyable.
  3. Protection: Boat mounting systems can help protect accessories from damage caused by rough water, vibration, or other environmental factors that can occur while boating.
  4. Space savings: By mounting accessories securely in a specific location, boat owners can free up valuable storage space and reduce clutter on their boat.
  5. Improved performance: For electronic accessories such as fishfinders or GPS units, proper mounting can help improve performance by reducing interference from other electronic devices and ensuring that the units are positioned in the optimal location for use.
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